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OnTrack logoDigital Time Capture Inc., market leader in industrial construction timesheet management systems, is excited to announce our partnership with OnTrack Engineering Ltd., a pioneer and market leader in project controls software for the engineering and construction markets (EPCM).

Construction Profits and Productivity

In Constructive Strategies’ “Improving Productivity and Profits”, Professor Roger Liska explains how your company can increase productivity and profits. While the construction industry calculates productivity, it does not do a good job of monitoring and improving productivity.


Collaboration BIM

In Constructive Strategies’ “BIM Without Collaboration Doesn’t Measure Up”, Andrew Abernathy, a principle collaboration consultant, is asked how BIM can improve construction projects.


P CoDigital Time Capture is proud to announce their new partnership with P-Co.  P-Co offers products and services to the Capital Construction, Maintenance, Shutdowns & Turnarounds industry sectors not only in North America, but in the Middle East and South America as well.

new technology construction industryNew engines, designed with regulatory tiers put in place to control diesel emissions, have made a large impact on the industrial construction industry recently. This new technology will not only make equipment more efficient but reduce operational and maintenance costs.


According to this new technology is described as:


Reduce Construction CostsIn Jim Veenbaas’ “10 Ways to Reduce Construction Costs” article, several points of cost saving advice are given to construction companies. Here is a summary of the 10 described ways to reduce costs.


LEMIn the industrial construction industry there is often difficulty in sending and receiving information from remote locations because they may not be equipped to communicate remotely.

mobile devicesWhich mobile device is best for the Industrial Construction Industry?


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Apple’s IOS-based devices are the most used in North America. In fact, more and more tasks that previously were done on PCs are now done on mobile devices and tablets.  


Going paperlessBeing able to access your documents from any location may have you thinking that your construction company would benefit from going paperless. Though it may not be practical for the industrial construction industry to do this completely, read the suggestions below for tips on ways you can cut down on the amount of paper being stored at the office.

industrial constructionThe construction industry has for some time been slow to adopt change and new technology.


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