Digital Time Capture Announces Newly Formed Partnership with P-Co.

P CoDigital Time Capture is proud to announce their new partnership with P-Co.  P-Co offers products and services to the Capital Construction, Maintenance, Shutdowns & Turnarounds industry sectors not only in North America, but in the Middle East and South America as well.  P-Co's New Project Division prepares early stage bid packages for multi-million/billion dollar industrial projects.  P-Co's Service and Product Division delivers dependable, predictable and competitively priced industrial supplies, labour, logistics, site services and bid preparation consulting.  For more information about P-Co, visit


The partnership will give both DTC and P-Co additional exposure to the industrial construction industry and give the industry better access to their products and services.  Combining their shared strengths and mutual interests will make this partnership a lasting one as DTC looks forward to accomplishing the partnership’s goals with P-Co.



To learn more about this partnership, email Robert Oska at