New Construction Technology – Advancements Made in Engine Designs

new technology construction industryNew engines, designed with regulatory tiers put in place to control diesel emissions, have made a large impact on the industrial construction industry recently. This new technology will not only make equipment more efficient but reduce operational and maintenance costs.


According to this new technology is described as:


“…utilizing a unique combination of technologies — such as extremely high-pressure common rail fuel injection systems with exhaust gas recirculation — to minimize the aftertreatment requirements of their engines, while maintaining peak performance levels, maximizing fuel efficiency and meeting or exceeding required emissions standards.”


Hybrid power systems are also gaining popularity and are often introduced to better fuel economy and operations. They are not only available in large earthmovers but other standard equipment on jobsites. Although, typically used for machines in high-production jobs, the benefit will be even larger to the industry once utility sized machines can also use the technology.


Using both of these new technologies is revolutionary for the construction industry, a industry that typically is slow to adopt change and new technology. Where have you seen this technology being used?



Source: “Technology Takes Giant Step Forward”. January 11, 2013.