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new drilling technologyCompany servicing the Petroleum Industry introduces new drilling technology to improve the drilling of wells and to add further growth.


construction productivityIt has been said that the construction industry in North America could benefit significantly if technology was leveraged to increase productivity.


Government industry data indicates an increase in construction productivity between 1976 and 2004 was related to the equipment and material technology investments made during that time. (Construction Industry Institute)

construction industry spending increasesSpending on industrial construction in the United States increased 0.8% in February 2011 and overall, spending is forecasted to increase 1.1% in 2011 and 3.3% in 2012.  February 2011 not only saw increases in Conservation & Development, Communication, Power, and Highway but Transportation as well.

payroll errorsAs part of The Hackett’s Group 2008 Payroll Best Practices Benchmarking/Performance Study, they examined how quality and talent management affected the effectiveness of a company’s payroll process.

standardized processesGreat contractors have found ways to be profitable no matter the economic storm. According to Jim Schug, management consultant at the FMI, great contractors have processes and systems reinforced by top management and a culture that reinforces these things in the long term. The bottom line is that great contractors have found a better way of doing things.

cloud computingSince construction projects cannot be completed on an assembly line because work is performed at many different locations and by many different companies, miscommunication and delays are inevitable.

timesheet and attendanceTo reduce payroll errors, every day construction companies need to validate an employee’s work activity by comparing the “sign-on” sheet to their timesheet. 


Sign-on Data: At the beginning of the day, most contractors have the employee sign-in at the pre-job meeting by signing the “sign-on” sheet.

implementing changeWhether you or a co-worker has tried to improve productivity through a new technology implementation, you are probably aware of the many roadblocks that prevent change within the industrial construction industry. Such roadblocks can all stall or halt an implementation initiative:

scope managementNo matter how well a project has been planned, there will always be changes in scope. The general rule is that if the work performed is not in the contract it is a change in scope. The best approach is to not perform the work until proper authorization has been granted. However, the reality is that work is often completed before it is has been approved. 



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