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risk managementAccording to the Alberta Venture, in the coming years Alberta will be challenged to manage risk in the midst of prosperity, and their success in doing so will have a huge impact on their economy. Here is a summary of the main opportunities and challenges that will test Alberta’s risk management according to Ray Turchansky from Alberta Venture.

overpayment of wagesThe payroll error of overpaying employees for work not performed, regardless of its frequency, directly impacts your construction company’s payroll costs. Construction companies with large crews must especially pay close attention to these errors and take considerable measures to reduce them. 


new nuclear power generation technologyDue to the advancement of construction technology, the construction time of recent foreign plants for nuclear power generation has been reduced to four years or less.  As part of the U.S Department of Energy Nuclear Power 2010 initiative, advanced construction technologies were evaluated.

petrochemical industryAccording to, the petrochemical industry has made great strides in improving its wastewater treatment through technology. The petrochemical industry uses oil and natural gas to produce the chemicals needed to maintain our standard of living and it is an essential ingredient to major end products such as plastic, rubber, paint, paper, and textiles.

construction productivityMany industrial construction companies, who are looking to improve the productivity of their business, have logically looked for ways to reduce waste, reduce inefficiency and provide a better product to their customers. However, many companies may not realize the impact measuring upstream metrics has on increasing productivity.


Dheavy construction growthigital Time Capture and DTC Service Partners offer a wide-range of knowledge and expertise to advance your organization’s processes, people, and systems for optimal growth. But which of the three should your organization focus on improving? People, processes, and systems are all equally important. Without people, processes and systems cannot fully function.

primaveraConstruction companies should integrate their timesheet software with Primavera because it enables them to track and report on actuals during project execution. It allows construction companies to evaluate actual project performance rather than planned performance and allows companies to reforecast projects based on what actually occurred.


industrial constructionRetroactive rate changes can be difficult to tackle at the best of times. Manually performing this process on spreadsheets can conceptually seem straight forward, but in the industrial construction industry rates and job codes can change often and throughout the day for many employees.

payroll costs risePWC conducted a 2011 study, sponsored by Automatic Data Processing (ADP), to measure the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and cost influencers of four business functions: Payroll, Workforce administration, Time & Attendance, and Health & Welfare administration.  The study included 279 organizations ranging in size between 100 and 1000 employees.

pre-populatedPre-populating crew timesheets at the beginning of the day complete with job and cost code information is not always efficient for industrial construction companies.



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