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construction payroll softwareWhether you are looking for new payroll software or trying to improve your current one, there are ten features every contractor’s payroll software should include:

certified payroll reportingCertified payroll is a reporting method used by employers to prove their employees have been paid the proper wages and benefits.  For instance, contractors must ensure their employees are compensated in accordance with the Davis Bacon Act.

government regulationsAll contractors must comply with government legislation by making certain all workers have the necessary competencies for each job.  Regulations, such as Canada’s Workers’ Compensation legislation and the Unites States’ Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are in place to work with employers and employees to prevent injuries and illnesses.  


construction growthAccording to Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics, the global construction industry will be experiencing a large amount of growth in the next decade. Here are their seven predictions on where the global construction industry will stand in the next 10 years:

certification trackingMany construction companies are faced with the challenge of finding a consistent way of tracking certifications within their organization.  Learn what six features to look for when choosing a certification tracking system:



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